Inceptions:  Set 2

Artist List

Amy Clark


Bill Maus

Danielle Gransaull

Frank Kadar

George Webber

Hanie Mohd

Helga Wojik

Ingrid Hardy

James Linares

Luro Hersal

Lynne Anderson

Matt Glebe

Mick Glebe

Molly Brewer


Samantha Johnson



Dustra Productions is a new company which centers on promoting artists and their own characters and creations.  Our first card set is called Inceptions and will introduce and/or promote these characters for the artists.  Please check out each artists' page to see their characters and a little information about them.  The exception is my own character Dustra.  I truly wish I could draw as well as any of these artists but since I can't, I will leave the beautiful art to them. 

Each set will consist of ? base cards and 1 sketch card.  All sketch cards approved for the set will be included in the packs.  Nothing will be held back. There should be about ? sets made. 

Retired Characters

Set 1