1. Dawn - Vampire, Shapeshifting abilities. She's the Den Mother type to many characters but will not put up with anyone's bs. Her hands are generally 'normal' looking but the nails are always long. She can shift them into claws/talons when she feels like it but generally prefers grabbing a broad sword if the job requires weaponry (and ult...imately prefers knocking a person into next Tuesday if violence is required at all).

2. Spectra - "The Rainbow Haired Girl" lol. She's the human embodiment of Hope (the last thing at the bottom of pandora's box in human form, basically). She can manipulate the light spectrum (bear with sciency explanations... still working on them), can make holograms, create rainbows, etc etc etc. She's not really an offensive person. She's more of a non-stop cuddler with a very minute mischievous streak

3. Sergio and Drakkana - These two are archangels who chose to fall to earth because they got tired of the bs up in Heaven's realm. They can manifest wings and the fall made them some of the first vampiric creatures (not all angels who chose to fall became demons here in the sense that most people think when they see the word 'demon' or 'demonic'). Sergio loves everyone. EVERYONE. He would sleep with the whole world if he had the time or the time was right e__e Drakka is the book keeper. She records history before it happens in a language no one except she can read or speak. All she can do is offer clues and hope they figure it out. (she can speak all known and even some unknown languages but she has a bind that keeps her from telling the future she knows is going to happen).

4. Leon - Leon is a cranky, alcoholic Phoenix who is 100000% done with almost all of humanity (if you ask him, he'll tell you he's done with ALL of them, not 'almost all'. ALL of them.) He changes his wine labels to read "Mother F**king Wine" so people quit asking what he's drinking or so people quit making snippy remarks about being more healthy. In one of his past incarnations he was Leonardo DaVinci and used the name in this current Tibetan incarnation because of 'ominous foreshadowing reasons'.