Labbit, Noie, Addilicia, Ilyncia

1) The Labbit (the one with green hair and rabbit ears). A white mage who randomly tranforms into a rabbit (especially when he's extremely distressed).


Has healing powers, and strong biting teeth for a rabbit.

2) Noie the Forest Spirit (the green lady). Vain and unaware that her attempts to do good often backfires for those on the receiving end of her 'altruistic' deeds. Has druidic magic.

3) Addilicia Halley (the dark haired archer). An archer who unwittingly got dragged into the whole mess when she tried to hunt the Labbit (who is in rabbit form) for food.

4) Ilyncia Dragonmyst (the redhead). A terribly forgetful sorceress who not only often forgets her spells, but also the fact that she's actually a sorceress.