Vega - Extraterrestrial. Super density grants invulnerability and super strength. No visible pupils. Able to negate gravity to levitate and fly short distances. Female

Artillery - splits into Multiple clones w/ energy projection. Female

Totem - Native American. Able to adopt animal characteristics and abilities. Bear, wolf, hawk, etc. Can also "speak with animals through some form of telepathy. Expert tracker. Female.

Yin and Yang - female/male twins. One creates negative or dark energy for various destructive effects...decay, distortion, etc. The other creates positive energy that can heal, restore, augment, or boost properties in others.

*substitution * Tremor - Can create massive or minute shock waves by vibrating the cells of his own body. The more cells and the more intense the vibrations, the larger and more devastating the tremor and resulting damage is. Can shatter glass, wriggle things loose, cause concrete and stone to crumble. Does not affect tectonic plates. Can feel and sense other seismic vibrations but cannot stop them. Is only in control of creating his own tremors. Cannot reabsorb or dissipate them.