Poogaton is a world that is inhabited by different kinds of creatures. I am glad to introduce you to four characters.

ESHA. Teenage girl, abt 15-16 years old. Race – elving. Cheerful, inquisitive, nice girl with purple eyes-buttons and white hair with a lilac tint. She has the ability to understand the language of animals. Height 163 cm.

KNUP. About 16-17 years old. He is elving with orange eyes-buttons. Knap is best friend of Esha. He is keen on botany and grows various varieties of mushrooms. Height 168 cm.

LEDA. About 25 years old. Race – allati (humanbeast), kind – red wolf. She is captain of the airship "Picaflor" (Colibri) . Eye color – green, hair color – red. Height 175 cm

TORDEN. About 37 years old. Race – beast, kind - Tigrolk (half wolf, half tiger). The captain of an aircraft "Thunderbolt". He has mechanical left hand. Skills: mechanic, magic – the lightning strike. Height 210 cm.

Esha and Knup buy tickets for the most exciting event of the summer – The Sky Racing – a regatta of airships. By chance they find themselves on the ship of captain Leda. Ahead of them waits an exciting journey and new meetings. One of the new friends – the captain Torden, a huge beast, with a thirst for reading and a love of mechanisms.