Aneurin, the Mad Elf and Caledrorne, a grumpy Half blood

Aneurin, (a.k.a. The Mad Elf), is a flashy, slightly vain fellow with a penchant for all things pleasurable, especially red-headed mortal women. He can't keep his mouth shut and I'm not sure if his thrill seeking recklessness is from a courageous lack of fear or just being so old he doesn't give a damn. He is also one of the last born full bloods of his dwindling kind, which may attribute greatly to his madness. In battle he lives up to his nick name with a terrible voracity.
Blue is a sacred color for his people and the bindings on his hands cover the permanent purple discoloration of his wrists from the shackles of imprisonment he wore for nearly 3 centuries.

Caledrorne (a.k.a. Assassin and reluctant prince), is a half blood of elf and shadowshifter. Not only has he perfected blending into darkness, he can change his form entirely. He can pass for a human if need be, but he's nearly as old as Aneurin. His life has mostly been as a solitary death dealer, and he despises both his royal lineage and the emperor he serves. He is of course a complete opposite of Aneurin personality wise, but as much as the elf irritates him, the two get along frighteningly well. Aneurin's jailbreak is the first in a long line of increasingly rebellious acts until he straight up starts a massive revolution.